Future Era Solutions | New Technology to Decrease Piracy
New Technology to Decrease Piracy
New Technology to Decrease Piracy

Piracy is a huge problem within the entertainment industry. So much so that the piracy costs the movie and TV industry at least $29 billion a year.

On top of it, estimates suggest that at least 230, 000 jobs were lost because of it. The majority of the problems comes from illegal recordings within the theater. 
The industry has been struggling to find a viable solution, until recently. A New York agency Ogilvy has collaborated with chinese Focus Film Media group in efforts to combat piracy. 

They have developed the "Piracy Blockr" which was inspired by age-old technology found in TV remote controls and other gadgets that use infrared light to create a watermark on any illegally filmed footage, making it useless to sell, while simultaneously having no effect on the theatre's experience of the film.

We can only hope that this technology will significantly decrease the amount of piracy.

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