Many companies are turned away from custom software due to the high costs attached to it.
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Sven Mandić, CEO

September 16, 2021


Many companies are turned away from custom software due to the high costs attached to it.

Nevertheless, custom software can help accelerate your business. Moreover, if you have a SaaS idea, custom software development is a must. Here are the most successful custom software until this day:


The leader in paid video streaming has managed to completely disrupt the traditional media. The on-demand service is the present and the future of consumer preference. Here are the top technological benefits that Netflix provides:

  • Content art customization

  • Personalized content suggestion

  • Subtitle generation

  • Developed backend that enables the viewing experience across devices


Uber is another company that completely disrupted its ride-hailing industry. Its software created a new driver-rider ecosystem which is orchestrated by a sophisticated dispatching system. Its main tech features include:

  • Guidance and navigation systems across the globe

  • Ability to find a ride immediately

  • Automated pricing mechanism


Amazon’s algorithm is one of the most advanced ones in the entire web. Amazon’s key strength is that they collect data on product preferences of consumers and use it to customize their offerings. In fact, Amazon is so advanced that it started selling its technology expertise in storage, data processing, and eCommerce to other businesses.


McDonald’s stepped up their game by investing in custom software development which resulted in self-serve kiosks and customer-centric services. Their customer-centric approach enabled them to achieve better customer service as well as higher efficiency.


YouTube’s algorithm provides viewers with relevant and timely content. Moreover, its feedback loop keeps viewers engaged for hours. Youtube’s software recognizes viewing patterns and recommends content to continue watching. Finally, subtitle submissions enable users to contribute to youtube.


AirBnB is another example of disruptive technology that completely reshaped the whole industry. Its software enables remote authentication of property owners or renters. Moreover, there is a well-developed review system that is accompanied with seamless payment service. 

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