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KupiMe.hr is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the Balkan region. After 10 years of existence of KupiMe.hr, we had the opportunity for developing a new custom web application with complete rebranding.

Jolie Petite

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Jolie Petite is not conceived as a seasonal hit brand but a unique piece of clothing that spreads optimism and original style with its basic idea.

Juventus Academy

Gari transfer

Reservation system customized for client's business needs. The system consists of four forms with different reservation logic, resourcing management accompanied with the payment at the end.

Customized admin area for management, approving/rejection/refund reservations, promotions and with possibilities of reading customer reviews.


Our SaaS(Software as a Service) project.
MagiCal saving developers implementations time of booking system for their client's websites by 80%.

Transfer ride

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