Future Era Solutions | 6 factors for a successful E-commerce
6 factors for a successful E-commerce
6 factors for a successful E-commerce

1.Website Navigation

This is one of the crucial components which you must consider when developing an e-commerce website. Your website navigation might greatly impact your conversion rates.

Make sure your website is not loading too long and that your pages are systematically organized properly. Keep your layout simple since it will attract more visitors. Finally, make sure that your website is easy-to-navigate and ensure that you provide a quality customer service.

2.Product Description

In order to provide value for your customers and convert them, you must firstly obtain customer trust. Moreover, you need to make sure that these customers stay and come back frequently.

In order to obtain customer trust, you must present your products as best as possible. Use various graphical and descriptive details to present your product in the best light. 

3.Return Policy

Given the financial nature of online transactions, customers should not be confused about the return policy. Some years ago, this would have been a major issue, but with the evolving e-commerce industry and its competitive nature, all the core e-commerce development companies offer their customers an easy and convenient return policy to gain their trust.

It is important that your set rules of return are clearly stated and are not difficult to understand when you display it on your website.


The time it takes you to deliver the products and the cost of shipping have a major impact on your customers. A great way to deal with shipping is to offer free shipping if orders exceed a certain amount. This will incentivize customers to buy more products just to get that free shipping. Finally, explain the shipping process and make sure that you stay true to your words. Customers have expectations based on what you tell them so make sure you deliver what you promised.

5.Checkout Process

So your customers finally decided to proceed to checkout and buy your products. In order to make checkout as easy as possible, make sure that the whole process doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. You can do this by using forms that are prefilled and immediately validated. 

6.Online reviews

In this era of e-commerce, people tend to read a lot of reviews before making an online purchase. Moreover, people are motivated to buy products that have positive reviews from other buyers. In fact, a study shows that 40% of customers won’t buy a technology product before they read reviews.

Since reviews are such an important part of the whole process, encourage your consumers to leave reviews. Be sure to focus on the whole consumer process and deliver what you promised. This will in return bring positive reviews and attract more visitors. 

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